RE: [PATCH 3/3] lpc_sch: Add Intel Centerton Multifunction Devicesupport

From: Heasley, Seth
Date: Mon Apr 23 2012 - 14:34:52 EST

Hi Samuel,

>> >Is the pci_ids.h change already in ? If not, I should take it at the
>> >same time so that we don't break compilation.
>> It was submitted just prior to my sending this patch.
>Please send it to me as your MFD patch build depends on it and it should
>be committed first.


>> I'm actually not submitting a watchdog patch. The maintainer already
>has code for this driver and is converting it to the new watchdog API.
>In discussions with him, we agreed to the renaming of the driver, which
>was submitted for a previous platform. He'll be committing the new code
>in the next couple of weeks, so I made this change in anticipation of
>the driver making it upstream.
>That's reasonable, but I'd prefer this naming change to happen when the
>watchdog patch is submitted as well, as a separate MFD one liner patch.

Okay, that's no problem. Do you need this patch resubmitted, or will you just nix the one line?

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