Re: [PATCH v2] [SCSI] scsi_dh: change scsi_dh_detach export toEXPORT_SYMBOL

From: Alan Cox
Date: Sun Apr 22 2012 - 19:11:14 EST

> Anyway, your no compromises approach is admirable but it doesn't erase
> the fact that all proprietary Linux drivers use EXPORT_SYMBOL code.

People still steal from shops. It doesn't mean we should abolish the idea
of theft.

> So what you're really saying is no proprietary drivers are allowed to be
> loaded into a Linux kernel.

The GPL defines the boundary. Whether it is possible for a work to be
non-derivative and a kernel module is a matter for the lawyers to debate.
If it is derivative however I don't think there is quite so much doubt.

Linus wrote the following

|>"On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Kendall Bennett wrote:
|> I have heard many people reference the fact that the although the Linux
|> Kernel is under the GNU GPL license, that the code is licensed with an
|> exception clause that says binary loadable modules do not have to be
|> under the GPL.
|Nope. No such exception exists.
|There's a clarification that user-space programs that use the standard
|system call interfaces aren't considered derived works, but even that
|isn't an "exception" - it's just a statement of a border of what is
|clearly considered a "derived work". User programs are _clearly_ not
|derived works of the kernel, and as such whatever the kernel license is
|just doesn't matter.
|And in fact, when it comes to modules, the GPL issue is exactly the same.
|The kernel _is_ GPL. No ifs, buts and maybe's about it. As a result,
|anything that is a derived work has to be GPL'd. It's that simple.

(and then goes on to discuss further his own personal opinion)

But you still misunderstand the fundamental problem, and this really
needs to be discussed with Red Hat legal.

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