Re: linux-next: Tree for Apr 20 (usb & target)

From: Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
Date: Sun Apr 22 2012 - 15:01:44 EST

* Greg KH | 2012-04-21 08:34:02 [-0700]:

>> > CONFIG_MODULES is not enabled.
>> Sebastian + Greg-KH (Cc'ed), any ideas why this is the case here..?
>I have no idea, sorry.

The short version:
in order to fix this either move the usb-target-gadget to
drivers/usb/gadget/Kconfig and make sure only one gadget can be compiled
at a time or add some kind of depends.

The longer version:
This is a short comming of the gadget framework. We are able to build
multiple UDCs at a time and we can build multiple gadgets _as_ modules.
Since we can not bind & configure via an interface the whole thing works
right now via "modprobe $gadget. There is some infrastructure to accept
multiple UDCs/gadget but the *whole* thing is not complete.
In non-modules mode you can only select one gadget at a time. With the
target gadget living outside of usb/gadget selection it is possible to
select both at the same time which causes the duplicate symbols here.
A "quick" fix is not to define all the functions static and put
maybe_unsued on each function to avoid warnings. This is only duct tape
on top and I would prefer that nobody is sending such a patch. The
result is hardly usefull by a user.
A real fix would to get rid of the "#includes foo.c" and use a helper
module/library instead.
I tried this once and notice that the whole thing relies on
static/global variables which are initialized once on modprobe. So
with the second module loaded (read as rmmod $mod1 && modprobe $mod2)
the gadget framework explodes. Once I noticed that, the patches got out
of Felipe's tree before anyone noticed something. That means we should
first get rid of the global variables and then maybe try again :)

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