hibernate a system booted from external USB drive - is it posible ?

From: Toralf FÃrster
Date: Sun Apr 22 2012 - 12:49:45 EST

I wonder, whether it is expect to work with current stable kernel 3.3.2 or
not. Seems not to work here (s2ram works fine).
Hibernate however writes data to the swap partition, but during wakeup I get :

kernel: PM: Hibernation image partition 8:6 present
kernel: PM: Looking for hibernation image.
kernel: PM: Image not found (code -22)
kernel: PM: Hibernation image not present or could not be loaded.

and the system continues with normal boot. In addition there's a message from
swapon, that a suspend data signature was found and that is is overwritten
with the swap signature.


Toralf FÃrster
pgp finger print: 7B1A 07F4 EC82 0F90 D4C2 8936 872A E508 7DB6 9DA3
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