kmod 8

From: Lucas De Marchi
Date: Thu Apr 19 2012 - 10:34:24 EST

kmod 8 is out:

Very small, bug-fix release, nothing new. Last release I changed my
laptop, which caused a wrong setup and kmod 7 got out with docs
disabled. kmod 8 fixes as well.

Check NEWS file for more information.

Shortlog is below.

Lucas De Marchi


Dave Reisner (1):
modprobe: handle -ENOENT return from init_module

Elan Ruusamäe (1):
modprobe: fix typo in config dump: option->options

Kay Sievers (1):
doc: silent man page generation and fix gtk-doc warnings

Lucas De Marchi (4):
README: note that there are more files to read
TODO: add item to implement actions in kmod
doc: remove links to NULL going nowhere
kmod 8
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