Re: [PATCH 1/3] ARM: imx: Add common imx cpuidle init functionality.

From: Rob Lee
Date: Thu Apr 19 2012 - 00:19:49 EST

>>> If I called imx_cpuidle_init directly from imx5 or imx6q init
>>> routines, it would be getting called before the coreinit_call of core
>>> cpuidle causing a failure.  There were various other directions to
>>> take and all seemed less desirable than this one.
>>> One alternative would be to add a function to return the pointer to
>>> the cpuidle driver object based on the machine type.  Functionality
>>> exists to identify imx5 as a machine type but not imx6q, so I couldn't
>>> use that machine based method without adding that extra code.
>>> Another alternative would be to add a general platform lateinit_call
>>> function to each platforms that support cpuidle.
>> Just put the initcall into mm-imx5.c and check the cpu type. Then you
>> also don't have to make imx5_idle global.
> That solution is currently available for imx5 but for imx6q it implies
> adding the cpu type support for imx6q.  Are you ok with that?

Sascha or Shawn, any further comments on my question?

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