Re: [Patch 1/8] ipc/mqueue: cleanup definition names and locations

From: KOSAKI Motohiro
Date: Tue Apr 17 2012 - 13:03:48 EST

(4/17/12 11:46 AM), Doug Ledford wrote:
> The various defines for minimums and maximums of the sysctl controllable
> mqueue values are scattered amongst different files and named
> inconsistently. Move them all into ipc_namespace.h and make them have
> consistent names. Additionally, make the number of queues per namespace
> also have a minimum and maximum and use the same sysctl function as the
> other two settable variables.
> Signed-off-by: Doug Ledford<dledford@xxxxxxxxxx>

Ack all of this series.

thanks for patience and good effort.

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