Re: [RFC] IT87xx GPIO and other drivers

From: Diego Elio PettenÃ
Date: Tue Apr 17 2012 - 10:51:18 EST

Il 16/04/2012 23:47, Linus Walleij ha scritto:
> I would suggest merging gpio-it87 and pinctrl-it87 into one driver
> in drivers/pinctrl-it87.c. I don't know for sure however, since it depends
> on hardware: usually these is a tight dependence between GPIO and
> pinctrl (IIRC this was the case with SuperIO), and then it often makes
> a lot of sense to create a composite driver, in order to just have one
> state container (cookie) to pass around in the functions, and to remap
> a register range only once.

So you mean having the MFD actually handle most of the work, and that's
it? If I did read the source correctly, that might actually work well,
as hwmon/it87 is only using the SuperIO for detection (which MFD can
take care of), while the others would be using the same functions to
read/write to the SuperIO registers.

Does that mean that when the user enables the MFD, they get gpio,
pinctrl and watchdog at once, or should it still have multiple Kconfig
entries which select it?

> The concept is explained in my pinctrl talk on a high level:

Okay will read through it, thanks!

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