Re: [ath9k-devel] [ 00/78] 3.3.2-stable review

From: Peter Stuge
Date: Mon Apr 16 2012 - 18:35:03 EST

Felipe Contreras wrote:
> With more people using Arch Linux and thus the latest "stable"
> release, I'd say we might see an increase in these kinds of issues.

You touch on an important point. Arch has it's own support channels,
and after a few of these kinds of issues perhaps Arch will decide to
push a different kernel to their users.

None of the Arch users I know (though only a few) would have had a
critical problem without wifi.

What kernel to push to users is anyway a distribution problem, so if
you must discuss then please discuss within the Arch community the
pros and cons of the various available kernel trees. Maybe they will
prefer another one than they currently do, after your reasoning.

I personally don't care about what any distribution does; I just use
Linus' tree, and I might merge some other trees if they have
important changes which I want before Linus takes them. When I did
this the first time is btw the time where I really learned to
appreciate just how powerful git is.

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