[RFC PATCH] s390: mm: rmap: Transfer storage key to struct pageunder the page lock

From: Mel Gorman
Date: Mon Apr 16 2012 - 10:14:27 EST

This patch is horribly ugly and there has to be a better way of doing
it. I'm looking for suggestions on what s390 can do here that is not
painful or broken.

The following bug was reported on s390

kernel BUG at
illegal operation: 0001 [#1] SMP
Modules linked in: ext2 dm_round_robin dm_multipath sg sd_mod crc_t10dif fuse
loop dm_mod ipv6 qeth_l3 ipv6_lib zfcp scsi_transport_fc scsi_tgt qeth qdio
ccwgroup ext3 jbd mbcache dasd_eckd_mod dasd_mod scsi_dh_rdac scsi_dh_emc
scsi_dh_alua scsi_dh_hp_sw scsi_dh scsi_mod
Supported: Yes
CPU: 3 Not tainted 3.0.13-0.27-default #1
Process kpartx_id (pid: 24381, task: 000000004d938138, ksp: 00000000733539f0)
Krnl PSW : 0404000180000000 000000000037935e
R:0 T:1 IO:0 EX:0 Key:0 M:1 W:0 P:0 AS:0 CC:0 PM:0 EA:3
Krnl GPRS: 0000000000000002 0000000000000018 00000000004e82a8 0000000000000000
0000000000000007 0000000000000003 00000000004e82a8 00000000007280c0
0000000000000000 0000000000000000 00000000fac55d5f 0000000000000000
000003e000000006 0000000000529f88 0000000000000000 0000000073353ad0
Krnl Code: 0000000000379352: a7cafffa ahi %r12,-6
0000000000379356: a7f4ffb5 brc 15,3792c0
000000000037935a: a7f40001 brc 15,37935c
>000000000037935e: a7f40000 brc 15,37935e
0000000000379362: b90200bb ltgr %r11,%r11
0000000000379366: a784fff0 brc 8,379346
000000000037936a: a7f4ffe1 brc 15,37932c
000000000037936e: a7f40001 brc 15,379370
Call Trace:
([<00000000002080ae>] __set_page_dirty_nobuffers+0x10a/0x1d0)
[<0000000000234970>] page_remove_rmap+0x100/0x104
[<0000000000228608>] zap_pte_range+0x194/0x608
[<0000000000228caa>] unmap_page_range+0x22e/0x33c
[<0000000000228ec2>] unmap_vmas+0x10a/0x274
[<000000000022f2f6>] exit_mmap+0xd2/0x254
[<00000000001472d6>] mmput+0x5e/0x144
[<000000000014d306>] exit_mm+0x196/0x1d4
[<000000000014f650>] do_exit+0x18c/0x408
[<000000000014f92c>] do_group_exit+0x60/0xec
[<000000000014f9ea>] SyS_exit_group+0x32/0x40
[<00000000004e1660>] sysc_noemu+0x16/0x1c
[<000003fffd23ab96>] 0x3fffd23ab96
Last Breaking-Event-Address:
[<000000000037935a>] radix_tree_tag_set+0xfa/0x118

While this bug was reproduced on a 3.0.x kernel, there is no reason why
it should not happen in mainline.

The bug was triggered because a page had a valid mapping but by the time
set_page_dirty() was called there was no valid entry in the radix tree.
This was reproduced while underlying storage was unplugged but this may
be indirectly related to the problem.

This bug only triggers on s390 and may be explained by a race. Normally
when pages are being readahead in read_cache_pages(), an attempt is made
to add the page to the page cache. If that fails, the page is invalidated
by locking it, giving it a valid mapping, calling do_invalidatepage()
and then setting mapping to NULL again. It's similar with page cache is
being deleted. The page is locked, the tree lock is taken, it's removed
from the radix tree and the mapping is set to NULL.

In many cases looking up the radix tree is protected by a combination of
the page lock and the tree lock. When zapping pages, the page lock is not
taken which does not matter as most architectures do nothing special with
the mapping and for file-backed pages, the mapping should be pinned by
the open file. However, s390 also calls set_dirty_page() for
PageSwapCache() pages where it is potentially racing against
reuse_swap_page() for example.

This patch splits the propagation of the storage key into a separate
function and introduces a new variant of page_remove_rmap() called
page_remove_rmap_nolock() which is only used during page table zapping
that attempts to acquire the page lock. The approach is ugly although it
works in that the bug can no longer be triggered. At the time the page
lock is required, the PTL is held so it cannot sleep so it busy waits on
trylock_page(). That potentially deadlocks against reclaim which holds
the page table lock and is trying to acquire the pagetable lock so in
some cases there is no choice except to race. In the file-backed case,
this is ok because the address space will be valid (zap_pte_range() makes
the same assumption. However, s390 needs a better way of guarding against
PageSwapCache pages being removed from the radix tree while set_page_dirty()
is being called. The patch would be marginally better if in the PageSwapCache
case we simply tried to lock once and in the contended case just fail to
propogate the storage key. I lack familiarity with the s390 architecture
to be certain if this is safe or not. Suggestions on a better fix?

Signed-off-by: Mel Gorman <mgorman@xxxxxxx>
include/linux/rmap.h | 1 +
mm/memory.c | 2 +-
mm/rmap.c | 109 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
3 files changed, 96 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/linux/rmap.h b/include/linux/rmap.h
index 2148b12..59146af 100644
--- a/include/linux/rmap.h
+++ b/include/linux/rmap.h
@@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ void do_page_add_anon_rmap(struct page *, struct vm_area_struct *,
void page_add_new_anon_rmap(struct page *, struct vm_area_struct *, unsigned long);
void page_add_file_rmap(struct page *);
void page_remove_rmap(struct page *);
+void page_remove_rmap_nolock(struct page *);

void hugepage_add_anon_rmap(struct page *, struct vm_area_struct *,
unsigned long);
diff --git a/mm/memory.c b/mm/memory.c
index f1d788e..4f1bf96 100644
--- a/mm/memory.c
+++ b/mm/memory.c
@@ -1184,7 +1184,7 @@ again:
- page_remove_rmap(page);
+ page_remove_rmap_nolock(page);
if (unlikely(page_mapcount(page) < 0))
print_bad_pte(vma, addr, ptent, page);
force_flush = !__tlb_remove_page(tlb, page);
diff --git a/mm/rmap.c b/mm/rmap.c
index 6546da9..9d2279b 100644
--- a/mm/rmap.c
+++ b/mm/rmap.c
@@ -1114,29 +1114,81 @@ void page_add_file_rmap(struct page *page)

- * page_remove_rmap - take down pte mapping from a page
- * @page: page to remove mapping from
+ * When the late PTE has gone, s390 must transfer the dirty flag from the
+ * storage key to struct page. We can usually skip this if the page is anon,
+ * so about to be freed; but perhaps not if it's in swapcache - there might
+ * be another pte slot containing the swap entry, but page not yet written to
+ * swap.
- * The caller needs to hold the pte lock.
+ * set_page_dirty() is called while the page_mapcount is still postive and
+ * under the page lock to avoid races with the mapping being invalidated.
-void page_remove_rmap(struct page *page)
+static void propogate_storage_key(struct page *page, bool lock_required)
+ if (page_mapcount(page) == 1 &&
+ (!PageAnon(page) || PageSwapCache(page)) &&
+ page_test_and_clear_dirty(page_to_pfn(page), 1)) {
+ if (lock_required) {
+ bool locked;
+ /*
+ * This is called from zap_pte_range which holds the
+ * PTL. The page lock is normally needed to avoid
+ * truncation races and cannot sleep as a result.
+ * During zap_pte_range, it is assumed that the open
+ * file pins the mapping and a check is made under the
+ * tree_lock. The same does not hold true for SwapCache
+ * pages because it may be getting reused.
+ *
+ * Ideally we would take the page lock but in this
+ * context the PTL is held so we can't sleep. We
+ * are also potentially contending with processes
+ * in reclaim context that hold the page lock but
+ * are trying to acquire the PTL which leads to
+ * an ABBA deadlock.
+ *
+ * Hence this resulting mess. s390 needs a better
+ * way to guard against races. Suggestions?
+ */
+ while ((locked = trylock_page(page)) == false) {
+ cpu_relax();
+ if (need_resched())
+ break;
+ }
+ /* If the page is locked, it's safe to call set_page_dirty */
+ if (locked) {
+ set_page_dirty(page);
+ unlock_page(page);
+ } else {
+ /*
+ * For swap cache pages, we have no real choice
+ * except to lose the storage key information
+ * and expect the new user to preserve dirty
+ * information.
+ *
+ * For file-backed pages, the open file should
+ * be enough to pin the mapping similar which
+ * is also assumed by zap_pte_range().
+ */
+ if (WARN_ON_ONCE(!PageSwapCache(page)))
+ set_page_dirty(page);
+ }
+ } else
+ set_page_dirty(page);
+ }
+static void __page_remove_rmap(struct page *page)
/* page still mapped by someone else? */
if (!atomic_add_negative(-1, &page->_mapcount))

- * Now that the last pte has gone, s390 must transfer dirty
- * flag from storage key to struct page. We can usually skip
- * this if the page is anon, so about to be freed; but perhaps
- * not if it's in swapcache - there might be another pte slot
- * containing the swap entry, but page not yet written to swap.
- */
- if ((!PageAnon(page) || PageSwapCache(page)) &&
- page_test_and_clear_dirty(page_to_pfn(page), 1))
- set_page_dirty(page);
- /*
* Hugepages are not counted in NR_ANON_PAGES nor NR_FILE_MAPPED
* and not charged by memcg for now.
@@ -1164,6 +1216,33 @@ void page_remove_rmap(struct page *page)

+ * page_remove_rmap - take down pte mapping from an unlocked page
+ * @page: page to remove mapping from
+ *
+ * The caller needs to hold the pte lock.
+ */
+void page_remove_rmap(struct page *page)
+ propogate_storage_key(page, false);
+ __page_remove_rmap(page);
+ * page_remove_rmap_nolock - take down pte mapping where the caller does not have the mapping pinned
+ * @page: page to remove mapping from
+ *
+ * The caller needs to hold the PTE lock and is called from a context where
+ * the page is neither locked nor the mapping->host pinned. On s390 in this
+ * case the page lock will be taken to pin the mapping if the page needs to
+ * be set dirty.
+ */
+void page_remove_rmap_nolock(struct page *page)
+ propogate_storage_key(page, true);
+ __page_remove_rmap(page);
* Subfunctions of try_to_unmap: try_to_unmap_one called
* repeatedly from either try_to_unmap_anon or try_to_unmap_file.
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