Re: [PATCH] perf/probe: Provide perf interface for uprobes

From: Srikar Dronamraju
Date: Mon Apr 16 2012 - 08:36:10 EST

> > > Another case
> > > perf probe do_fork clone_flags now looks for variable clone_flags in
> > > kernel function do_fork.
> > > But if we allow to trace perf probe zsh zfree; then
> > > 'perf probe do_fork clone_flags' should it check for do_fork executable
> > > or not? If it does check and finds one, and searches for clone_flags
> > > function and doesnt find, then should it continue with searching the
> > > kernel?
> > Agree. I'd like to suggest you to start with only full path support,
> > and see, how we can handle abbreviations :)
> Agreed, I was just making usability suggestions.
> Those can be implemented later, if we agree they ease the tool use.

I have just made a prototype for guessing the target when -m and -x
options arent passed. That still uses the absolute path for now.

I was trying to see if we can identify the module by the short name by
using kernel_get_module_path(). However kernel_get_module_path() needs
init_vmlinux() to be called before. Since init_vmlinux() cant be called
more than once and init_vmlinux gets called later, I thought calling it
here wasnt good option. Wanted to see if we could open /proc/modules
and then match the module name. But again, I wasnt sure how to handle
offline modules.

Thanks and Regards

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