RE: Problems with init of Marvell PCI Express SATA Card

From: Tom Morrison
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 19:34:12 EST

got it! thank you for showing the error of my way...
and being so patient with me! damm, that means
I gotta work this weekend...:-)...

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> if you look in the sata_mv.c it has support for the
> 7042 throughout it (exactly the same as PCI in fact -
> its the same core chip - just different bus interface)...

For the 7042 with the TTI PCI identifier but not one with a Marvell ID -
what vendor/device does your device show up ?

The probe code uses the table in each driver to do matches. For the 7042
the only version it knows is

{ PCI_VDEVICE(TTI, 0x2310), chip_7042 },
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