Problems with init of Marvell PCI Express SATA Card

From: Tom Morrison
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 18:06:44 EST

I am running a relatively recent 2.6.20
Linux kernels running on both an Intel
x86 (XEON) as well as one a embedded
powerPC target (MPC8548E).

I believe my PCI Express interface is
working correctly on both the embedded
target as well as - of course - on the
XEON platform (I have other cards that
I have working correctly).

The problem is that this Marvell PCI Express
SATA Card is NOT being probed and thus,
the SATA/ATA host interface is NOT being
initialized, and thus the drive is NOT being
detected/added able to be mounted...

I have more (in)sight into the embedded
platform, and the SATA module is being
built into /loaded by the kernel (it does
a pci_device_register()), but nothing happens
after that - I see before that the card IS
being seen on the BUS - I can do a "lspci"
after that - and the device is on the PCI bus...

I should also add that I have the identical
card on the PCI bus (6042 chip) and the
driver works flawlessly...

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to have
the PCI ids in the kernel match identically
what is on pci express sata card device?

Heck, if there is a PCI device register -
why isn't there an associated probe - no
matter what?

I apologze if my question is a little
naive, I am not a PCI expert - I was hoping
that this would go smoothly enough that I
wouldn't need to become one!

thanks in advance for all your wisdom!


Tom Morrison
Principal Software Engineer
20 Crosby Drive - Bedford, MA 01730
p: 781.266.3567 f: 781.266.3670
email: tmorrison@xxxxxxxxxxx

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