Re: A quick fio test (was Re: [patch 00/13] Syslets, "Threadlets", generic AIO support, v3)

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 12:06:43 EST

* Suparna Bhattacharya <suparna@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > my expectation is that it should behave better with iodepth=20000
> > (although i havent tried that yet).
> I picked up the fio snapshot from 22nd Feb
> (fio-git-20070222212513.tar.gz) and used the v3 syslet patches from
> your web-site.
> Do I still need to get something more recent ?

yeah, there's something more recent. Please do this:

yum install git
git-clone git://
cd fio
git-branch syslet-testing

this should give you the latest version of the v3 based FIO code. It's
one generation newer than the one you tried. I mean the snapshot you
used is meanwhile a /whole/ day old, so it's truly ancient stuff! ;-)

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