Re: A quick fio test (was Re: [patch 00/13] Syslets, "Threadlets", generic AIO support, v3)

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 10:05:06 EST

* Suparna Bhattacharya <suparna@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As a really crude (and not very realistic) example of the potential
> impact of large numbers of outstanding IOs, I tried some quick direct
> IO comparisons using fio:
> [global]
> ioengine=syslet-rw
> buffered=0
> rw=randread
> bs=64k
> size=1024m
> iodepth=64

could you please try those iodepth=20000 tests with the latest
fio-testing branch of fio as well? Jens wrote a new, smarter syslet
plugin for FIO. You'll need the v3 syslet kernel plus:

git-clone git://
cd fio
git-checkout syslet-testing

my expectation is that it should behave better with iodepth=20000
(although i havent tried that yet).

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