Re: [r8169] Any success with RTL8110SC?

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 17:34:31 EST

Tom Burns <tom.i.burns@xxxxxxxxx> :
> 2.6.15-1 - it was trivial changes aside from which required
> changes to the task scheduling code, but I'm pretty certain I didn't
> break anything.

I do not have the answar that you expect but some information could help:
- which motherboard is it ?
- can you send a dmesg for as well as a lspci -vvx from your
computer ?

> The r1000 driver seems to be able to send data on the wire for about a
> minute, receive packets back about 5% of the time, and after a minute
> stop working altogether, complaining that the "send buffer is full."

If I read you correctly, this version of the driver is less broken than
the others, right ?

If you are brave, you can try the patch below against 2.6.20-rc1:

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