PCI buffer allocation in Linux device

From: Joji Joseph
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 05:57:55 EST

Hi All,

I have a PCI host Device runs in Linux platform and the PCI slave device
runs in VxWorks platform.

The PCI DMA transmission is successful from host to slave when I have
allocated source data buffer with "dma_alloc_coherent" function and I
can read the data at the PCI slave (in vxwork platform) when DMA
interrupts happens at there.

But, Though the PCI DMA receive interrupt at the host side(in Linux
platform), I couldn't receive the data which sends from the pci slave
(in vxworks platform).

For allocating the buffer at the host side, I have used
"dma_alloc_coherent" as shown below,

pBuff =dma_alloc_coherent( NULL , lenBuf, &dma_handle, GFP_ATOMIC);

and keeping the physical address 'dma_handle' in buffer descriptor which
is used for the DMA transmission.

When interrupt happens at the host side, I am using the 'pBuff' virtual
address which was saved locally for reading the buffer.

But, the data which I am getting is not correct.

Could anybody help me out how I should allocate memory in this scenario?

Is there any other function which I should use apart from
"dma_alloc_coherent" to get the proper behavior?

Thanks a lot in advance for you help.


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