Re: libsata doesn't like bus without master

From: Patrick Ale
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 03:38:44 EST

On 2/22/07, Paul Rolland <rol@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

<please no flame war>

I dont think there is one or that this reply of yours could cause it :P

Just to add my $0.02 on this point : this could also be one of the problem
I'm facing on my machine right now, but the point is that Windows supports
it perfectly. At least that proves it can work, and it does work.

If I read the posts correctly it was allready established that the
drivers in Linux should support this but yes, I do agree with you,
whatever a BIOS supports should be supported by the kernel as well in
my opinion. And, at least the BIOSes and drives I used, support single
slave operations, how stupid this might be :)

Anyways, today is my first day at work again after a fever, so I will
be messing with stuff and hardware again, and will try to do some more
tests/breakage hoorah.

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