Re: [PATCH 1/1] PXAFB: Support for backlight control

From: Rodolfo Giometti
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 03:32:04 EST

On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 06:26:08PM +0200, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
k> Why? It's the same, except that it already exists, generic one (not
> limited to pxafb), and requires 1 function (too bad that C doesn't
> support lambda's):

Ah, ok.

> I sent a bit of criticism for that too ;-). YMMV, but kernel
> solutions are just bound to be pretty simple and generic and lack
> any "niceties", which you'd likely want to do anyway eventually. For
> example, what if you'll want to implement "fade out" effect for
> keyboard backlight? Doing it in adhoc manner in kernel? Whereas with
> the LCD classdev, you can write generic "fade out" trigger and
> attach/detach it from userspace.

I agree. I just wish to add a backlight support for my LCD and

What do you suggest to me in order to accomplish such task?

Thanks for your suggestions,



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