[patch/rfc 0/6] rtc framework: remove class_device, use class suspend()/resume()

From: David Brownell
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 22:45:45 EST


Following this message (on the RTC list) are six patches:

- Remove the /sys/class/rtc-dev class_device, and a class_interface
- Use "struct rtc_device" in the external interface, not class_device
- Simplify the sysfs attribute handling, removing a class_interface
- Simplify the /proc/driver/rtc handling, removing the last class_interface
- Remove the class_device in "struct rtc_device"; now suspend()/resume() work
- Implement class suspend()/resume() so the system clock is updated on resume

The main point of this series of patches is that last one, which I'll
circulate just a bit more widely. (Although I think the first four are
also nice cleanups!) It might be the first example of a framework that
uses the "new" class level suspend()/resume() calls to offload drivers.

Other than actually using that new PM infrastructure, this series should
be interesting since it addresses one of the few remaining obstacles to
having the "Generic Time-Of-Day" (GTOD) framework be fully generic, in
the sense of working with whatever RTC is available on the platform (which
includes ones accessed through I2C or SPI, so that spinlocked access is
insufficient) and removing arch-specific RTC hooks.

This has been lightly tested on one of the ARMs that doesn't yet have
new-style dynamic tick working. I'm sure fault paths need tweaking yet.

- Dave

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