Re: libsata doesn't like bus without master

From: Vincent Legoll
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 17:07:43 EST

On 2/21/07, Patrick Ale <patrick.ale@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
But serious, The second "abnormal" error "ATA: abnormal status 0x8 on
port 0xF88597DF", I got feedback from, by Tejun. He confirmed that, as
I thought, this was a cosmectic error messages for "No devices found".

I get 0x7F, but already knew it was harmless, I think Tejun enlightened
me about that some time ago...

The first one got some debate as if it was legal to have a slave
without a master and all and the last thing I saw written on this
email that we (that is, the linux developers and the maintainers, I
dont code anything other than 'Hello world' and even that might
segfault) should support it and if we dont yet, fix it.

Yep, I read that, at the same time as your other messages from
linux-ide, and a reply I got from Alan asking for the bug report, so
I reported what I got.

Question for you tho, since I have two laptops with the same chipset
and more ore less same configuration (Siemens LifeBook E series with
the same DVD writer and an HP laptop), do you use native SATA mode? or
Legacy/Compatible mode?

Don't thik I saw that as configurable in that BIOS.
No there is no such settings...

In the latter case it might explain why you see one master connected
to one bus and a slave to the other. If you use legacy SATA mode you
should just see drive 0 and drive 1.

Maybe, or it is just the fact that is a strange laptop from a little .ch

At least, that's how it works here :)

I wish I could make it work here too ;-)

Vincent Legoll
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