Re: [PATCH] MAINTAINERS: mark framebuffer as Orphan

From: James Simmons
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 16:38:28 EST

> > > Alot of patches have been flowing into the layer.
> >
> > So would you like to leave it as Maintained or change it to
> > "Odd Fixes"? (Maintained => a maintainer) From the MAINTAINTERS file:
> >
> > Supported: Someone is actually paid to look after this.
> > Maintained: Someone actually looks after it.
> > Odd Fixes: It has a maintainer but they don't have time to do
> > much other than throw the odd patch in. See below..
> > Orphan: No current maintainer [but maybe you could take the
> > role as you write your new code].
> > Obsolete: Old code. Something tagged obsolete generally means
> > it has been replaced by a better system and you
> > should be using that.
> >...
> If you start doing this, there are a lot more entries that need to be
> changed...
> Which of Supported/Maintained/"Odd Fixes" is written doesn't matter in
> practice.
> What matters is that James' email address gets into the entry so that
> patches and bug reports reach him.
> James' work is definitely no below the average of entries marked as
> Maintained.

At this point I would say maintained. Plus Tony is coming back :-)
Its just recently I have been working on various other things like the
display class.
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