Re: [RFT] bridge: eliminate port_check workqueue

From: Oleg Nesterov
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 15:09:50 EST

On 02/21, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> This is what I was suggesting by getting rid of the work queue completely.

Can't comment this patch, but if we can get rid of the work_struct - good!

> -static void port_carrier_check(struct work_struct *work)
> +void br_port_carrier_check(struct net_bridge_port *p)
> {
> - struct net_bridge_port *p;
> - struct net_device *dev;
> - struct net_bridge *br;
> -
> - dev = container_of(work, struct net_bridge_port,
> ->dev;
> - work_release(work);

May I ask you to redo this patch on top of

[PATCH 1/3] net/bridge/br_if.c: don't use _WORK_NAR


We are removing the _NAR stuff, it would be nice to do this in a separate



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