[PATCH 0/6] KVM userspace interface updates for 2.6.21

From: Avi Kivity
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 13:13:11 EST

The following patchset moves the kvm userspace interface from having a single fd, to having three types of file descriptors:

- one fd returned by open("/dev/kvm") is used for generic access to the kvm driver, for example to get the API version and to create virtual machines
- when you create a virtual machine, you get back an fd that can be used to control vm-wide aspects, like guest memory configuratio
- when you create a virtual cpu, you get an fd that can be used to control the vcpu, for example getting and setting registers, and if you're really serious, running the guest

The motivation for this change is twofold:
- prevent having a 'struct inode' and 'struct file' with different file operation callbacks
- prevent cacheline bouncing of the 'struct file' when we support guest smp (by giving each vcpu its own file structure)

A side effect is that the code becomes somewhat cleaner, due to the vcpu number not being passed around and validated.

The change was discussed on kvm-devel some time ago. Thanks to Arnd Bergmann for useful suggestions and to the epoll code for inspiration.

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