Re: Kernel oops in with RAID5

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 11:47:13 EST

> Update: I think that you can ignore this error. I am getting
> segmentation faults when I attempt to rebuild the kernel. This is
> exactly the same problem I had with slackware 10.1 with the 2.6.10
> kernel. So I think it is a hardware issue. Memtest86 didn't show any
> errors after 35 passes, so I'll have to check the CPU and motherboard.

Googling for "iret exception: 0000" also reveals quite few
results (= one distinct), so this seems to be an issue that comes
up even less than now and then.

>> I was having instability with this machine before (slackware 10.1 with
>> 2.6.10 kernel) while compiling code (especially the kernel). I just
>> rebuilt is as a debian box. It never died in the raid array code
>> before though, just in gcc.

temperature problem?

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