Re: Need a little help with Software Raid 1

From: Sander
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 06:07:34 EST

Marc Perkel wrote (ao):
> I have a partition that used to be part of a software
> raid 1 array. It is now loaded as /dev/sda3 but I'd
> like to mirror it to /dev/sdb3 without losing the data
> on the drive. I'm a little nervous about how to set it
> up as I don't want to wipe out the data.
> How do I do this? Using FC6 and up 2 date software.

Create a degraded raid1 on /dev/sdb3, mount the degraded raid1, copy the
data over from /dev/sda3 to the degraded raid1, umount /dev/sda3 and add
it to the degraded raid1 to make it non-degraded.

With kind regards, Sander

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