[ANNOUNCE] Guilt v0.20

From: Josef Sipek
Date: Wed Feb 21 2007 - 01:09:24 EST

Guilt v0.20 is available for download (once it mirrors out on kernel.org).

Guilt (Git Quilt) is a series of bash scripts which add a Mercurial
queues-like functionality and interface to git.


Git repo:

Pretty much all the changes are related to the patchbomb and import-commit
scripts. They now take a range of commits in one of these formats:

<hash> - one commit
<hash>.. - hash until head (excludes hash, includes head)
..<hash> - until hash (includes hash)
<hash1>..<hash2> - from hash to hash (inclusive)

Josef "Jeff" Sipek.

Changes since v0.19:

Brandon Philips (1):
guilt: Silence command echoing for echos in Makefile

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek (7):
import-commit: simple commit to patch importer
munge_hash_range: Helper function
patchbomb: Use munge_hash_range
import-commit: Use munge_hash_range
patchbomb: Don't ask for the intro email if sending only one patch
Centralize pager determining code
Guilt v0.20
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