Re: [PATCH 000 of 6] md: Assorted fixes and features for md for 2.6.21

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 18:24:57 EST

NeilBrown wrote:
Following 6 patches are against 2.6.20 and are suitable for 2.6.21.
They are not against -mm because the new plugging makes raid5 not work
and so not testable, and there are a few fairly minor intersections between
these patches and those patches.
There is also a very minor conflict with the hardware-xor patches - one line
of context is different.

Patch 1 should probably go in -stable - the bug could cause data
corruption in a fairly uncommon raid10 configuration, so that one and
this intro are Cc:ed to stable@xxxxxxxxxxx


[PATCH 001 of 6] md: Fix raid10 recovery problem.
[PATCH 002 of 6] md: RAID6: clean up CPUID and FPU enter/exit code
[PATCH 003 of 6] md: Move warning about creating a raid array on partitions of the one device.
[PATCH 004 of 6] md: Clean out unplug and other queue function on md shutdown
[PATCH 005 of 6] md: Restart a (raid5) reshape that has been aborted due to a read/write error.
[PATCH 006 of 6] md: Add support for reshape of a raid6

Every month or so there are a bunch of patches like this, which do various enhancements to the kernel. And these are usually based against the release kernel, and all is fine. But every once in a while there is a patch which is more urgent, in this case the RAID10 one, which is really desirable to get into every kernel running on a machine. Are patches marked as needed for -stable also fast tracked to -git inclusion?

If this isn't in -git14 I'm going to rebuild with it before testing Neil's NFS stuff. The NFS server test data is on RAID10 ;-)

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