Re: [PATCH] kbuild: Add the code maturity levels DEPRECATED andOBSOLETE.

From: Robert P. J. Day
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 17:50:33 EST

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, Tilman Schmidt wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Feb 2007 19:35:07 +0100, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
> > I think that the patch is useful and that the distinction between
> > DEPRECATED and OBSOLETE options is quite clear:
> >
> > * DEPRECATED == new better code is available, old code scheduled for removal
> >
> > * OBSOLETE == no replacement yet but the code is broken by design
> > and unreliable, not scheduled for removal yet
> Is that really the consensus on these definitions? I thought it was
> more or less the opposite:
> * DEPRECATED == no (complete) replacement available yet, but it has
> been decided that this code is less than optimal and alternatives
> should be preferred
> * OBSOLETE == replacement available, no reason to use this code anymore

those original definitions above are not quite the way i worded it.
please consult the submitted patch to see how i phrased it.

in a nutshell, my idea of deprecated is: perhaps still supported,
still being used, but there is a better alternative available right
now and you should consider switching at your convenience.

obsolete means dead/unsupported/use at own risk. might still work but
no guarantees and could be removed at any time.


Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA
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