sparc64 / bbc_i2c.c

From: J.J. Green
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 09:01:13 EST

Hi all

I got bitten by this problem on sparc64 (a blade 1000)

summary :

modprobe bbc

runs kenvctrld which uses 100% of a CPU for 5 seconds,
then 0% for 5 seconds, then 100% .. and so on. The author
cited above suggests removing the line

remove_wait_queue(&bp->wq, &wait);

in the function

static int wait_for_pin(struct bbc_i2c_bus *bp, u8 *status)

Is there a better way?

I can test patches if that would be helpful.


J.J. Green, Dept. Applied Mathematics, Hicks Bld.,
University of Sheffield, UK. +44 (0114) 222 3742

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