Re: [PATCH] aio: propogate post-EIOCBQUEUED errors to completion event

From: Chris Mason
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 16:53:26 EST

On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 11:58:16PM +0300, Ananiev, Leonid I wrote:
> > while triggering EIO in invalidate_inode_pages2_range()
> ...
> > With this patch aio-stress sees -EIO.
> Actually if invalidate_inode_pages2_range() returns EIO it means
> that internal kernel synchronization conflict was happen.
> It is reported to user as hardware IO error.
> Iteration in synchronization process could be performed instead.

aio is not responsible for this particular synchronization. Those fixes
(if we make them) should come from other places. The patch is important
to get aio error handling right.

I would argue that one common cause of the EIO is userland
error (mmap concurrent with O_DIRECT), and EIO is the correct answer.

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