Re: PCI riser cards and PCI irq routing, etc

From: Krzysztof Halasa
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 15:37:44 EST

Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> At the bottom I added a dmesg output of the kernel after boot.
> I more or less know that irq 20 for the DVB-S card (saa7146 (1)) is
> 'working'. I know that irq 16 for saa7146 (0) (DVB-T) is not working for
> i2c although the card does work perfectly for DVB-T reception (picture,
> low CPU load, etc) with only reception as the bottleneck.

BTW: Can you check which device # and IRQ does the card get if plugged
directly into the PCI slot on board (without the riser)?

Is it a VIA ITX board? I think I have VIA's riser card somewhere,
could check what it does.
Krzysztof Halasa
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