Re: stuck in generic_file_aio_write()

From: Igmar Palsenberg
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 08:26:26 EST


> I can not make sure it is hardware problem, but I have interest in this
> case's reproducing.
> If you tell me your platform's construction, I will try it and give you good
> solution.
> Does your RAID adapter's firmware version work on 1.42?
> Areca firmware had fix some hardware bugs and rare sg length handle in this
> version.

I've hacked up the sysrq code so that it gives me another command : j ,
which dumps the current IRQ status on the console :

SysRq : Show IRQ status
Showing info for IRQ 14
status :
depth : 0
wake_depth : 0
irq_count : 38717
irqs_unhandled : 0

Showing info for IRQ 15
status : DISABLED
depth : 1
wake_depth : 0
irq_count : 22
irqs_unhandled : 0

which is a the (incomplete) result on my machine after loading a module
that does disable_irq(15) on module load.

I've put the patch at
I'll do a follow-up when anything usefull comes out.



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