Re: Subject: [PATCH 2.6.20 004/005] dmfe: Add support for suspend/resume

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Mon Feb 19 2007 - 06:41:56 EST


> > and add space before */.
> >
> > Congratulation, you passed coding-style-police-check ;-).
> > Pavel
> >
> Hello,
> Thanks for reply, I just want to ask one question:
> Those patches are now merged in -mm, and I noticed that Andrew Morton after applying them did fix my bad coding style and check for CONFIG_PM=n that I didn't include
> Now should I resend two last patches or not ?

Well, i guess you should wait for next -mm tree, and if you see some
problem you fixed and akpm did not, fix it and send a incremental

(cesky, pictures)
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