Re: [PATCH] input: extend EV_LED

From: Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
Date: Sun Feb 18 2007 - 09:42:49 EST

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Richard Purdie wrote:
> I just said that finding a way to do it generically is difficult, not
> that we shouldn't do it.

Very well, let's do it, then.

> Even if half your functionality is exposed through the class, that half
> that is standardised rather than adhoc. Having said that, you shouldn't
> need any custom attributes though.

Yes, that's my point. Blinking is too common, it needs to be generic (and I
don't care if it is done through triggers, as long as it is generic *and*
hardware-implementation-friendly, I will use it).

> Right, but blinking is not an LED attribute but more of an action for
> the LED so what we need is an LED blink trigger. Rather than the timer
> trigger which takes a variety of options, this blink trigger could just
> take an on/off value. In the absence of hardware capability, we can
> emulate it. I like the idea of a simple blink trigger...

If you have a 2.6.20 backport of the new LED class, I could work on it when
I finish the ibm-acpi conversion to sysfs, which should take about one more

> If a trigger/attribute appears for an LED, its behaviour needs to be the
> same for all LEDs.


BTW: I need to have two leds that are the same device, different colors.
The code already handles this just fine (it is NOT a multicolor led), I'd
like to know how should I name the parameter?

power:green and power:yellow?

That should be done in a standard way as well.

> The enum reflects a spectrum of loosely defined frequencies, a bit like
> brightness maybe in a range 0-6. The idea is these are loose definitions
> and the driver will attempt a loose match, using any hardware blinking
> if available.

Add the following functionality, and I think I would be happy with the

1. A way for the driver to say "led access is expensive, do not enable
software blink emulation" (maybe you already have this...)

2. A way for userspace to either know which ranges are hardware-emulated, or
to request that only hardware emulation be used.

I can live with just (1), but I think (2) would make the interface more
complete. Keep in mind that whatever can be hardware-emulated is probably
the default way to use that led, so it is an interesting data-point for

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Henrique Holschuh
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