Re: 2.6.20-git13 kernel BUG at/mnt/md0/devel/linux-git/kernel/time/tick-sched.c:168

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Sat Feb 17 2007 - 13:20:37 EST

On Sat, 2007-02-17 at 17:46 +0100, Alex Riesen wrote:
> > Can you please apply the patch below, so we can at least see, which
> > softirq is pending. This should trigger independently of hrtimers and
> > dynticks. You can keep it compiled in and disable it at the kernel
> > commandline with "nohz=off" and / or "highres=off"
> It did, only one time:
> Idle: local softirq pending: 0020<6>USB Universal Host Controller Interface driver v3.0

0x20 is the TASKLET_SOFTIRQ. I have no idea yet, how this can happen.

Can you please check, if this happens when you add "nohz=off" to the
kernel command line.


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