Re: loosen dependancy on rtc cmos

From: David Brownell
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 20:02:13 EST

On Thursday 15 February 2007 9:12 pm, David Brownell wrote:
> On Thursday 15 February 2007 8:38 pm, Len Brown wrote:
> > So I've taken Andi's advice and checked in the patches below.
> OK; that simplifies things for me, good! I can discard that patch
> (broken by Andi's pcspkr change anyway), stop worring about whether
> most folk will even see that driver, and make time to look at the
> ACPI hooks for RTC wakeup, instead. :)

Which, by the way, means that folk with pre-ACPI systems aren't
going to be able to use this driver until someone else provides
an updated patch creating an "rtc_cmos" platform device.

Or on the more modern end of things ... I suspect PCs using
Linux-BIOS won't do PNPACPI either, and they will also need
that platform device before using this driver.

What do the MiniMac systems do? At one time I thought they
were ACPI-free.

- Dave
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