Re: 2.6.20-mm1

From: J.A. MagallÃn
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 18:51:52 EST

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 21:30:06 -0800, Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nope, can't reproduce (the bug, that is).
> Actually, the oops you have there is the fourth one, so we might be seeing
> downstream effects of oops #1. Can you please capture the first oops
> trace? Increasing the log buffer size or using netconsole might help.

Well, forget it. Booting without the nVidia driver makes the oopses go away.
I looks like nvidia is doing something strange with the i2c interface.
D**d closed source drivers...

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