Re: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers

From: Jon K Hellan
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 05:13:30 EST

Xavier Bestel wrote:
On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 21:48 -0800, v j wrote:
We only get crap because no one here yet knows how to interpret
proprietary modules loaded into the kernel.

The proprietary modules where only a tiny wrapper is linux-specific and
the rest is cross-platform are in a grey area, yes.
But your modules, written specifically for linux but distributed as
binary-only, are specifically what the people choosing the GPL want to
avoid. They are a derivative work, and are, as such, illegal under the

If they are a derivative work, they are illegal under the GPL. However, it is not clear that their being written specifically *for* Linux is sufficient to make them derivative works *of* Linux.

Jon Kåre
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