Re: [linux-pm] Suspend to RAM, Sony Vaio PCG-SRX51P, lcd stays off

From: Jan Dittmer
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 02:11:33 EST

Mattia Dongili wrote:
> On Thu, February 15, 2007 11:36 am, Pavel Machek said:

>>> sys_vendor = "Sony Corporation "
>>> sys_product = "PCG-SRX51P(DE) "
>>> sys_version = "01 "
>>> bios_version = "R0232U2"

> (unrelated to your suspend problems) does the sony-laptop (formerly
> sony_acpi) module helps controlling brightness?
> (should appear soon or you can eventually grab it from the linux-acpi tree)

No, I use the sonypi driver. But I can test the sony-laptop one as
soon as it is in -mm again if it would be of any help.

>>> Latest kernel I tested is 2.6.20-git11 from today.
> I read reports of successful suspends on that laptop, eg:

Ok, now I feel totally dumb. 's2ram -s -f' actually works iff you disable
fb support completely in the kernel. It works even from X. Don't know how
many combinations I tried but that one somehow slipped through. Anyway
thanks for your help. So could this machine be added to the s2ram


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