Re: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers

From: Miguel Ojeda
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 01:40:35 EST

On 2/16/07, v j <vj.linux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's written in black and white, in the license.

Please point me to where it says I cannot load proprietary modules in
the Kernel.

> Apart from that,
> Greg KH has made his opinion clear, and you have said you understand
> and don't debate that he holds this opinion, and his code is what you
> said you were linking to (the sysfs/class stuff), so why do you keep
> saying that "it is not clear".

I know his opinion. I don't debate his opinion. It is his code. I
choose not to use his code because of the license issue.

> Do you think that, somehow, Linus' opinion trumps Greg KH's opinion on
> his own code?

No, just that the trend is disturbing. If enough Kernel Developers
choose to write their Software in a way that prevents others from
using it freely, then that is troubling. Especially when these Kernel

Isn't there a big difference between "use GPL code" and "modify GPL
code, link closed modules to it & redistribute everything as

Miguel Ojeda
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