Kernel on Quad AMD Opteron 852 with 16x 4GB Modules (64GBRAM)

From: Björn Engelhardt
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 08:46:44 EST


we upgraded a Server from 32 GB RAM to 64 GB. Now we try to get a Linux (FC5) with kernel on a Quad Opteron (852; 64bit)-system with 16x 4GB modules to run.
With 32 GB (8x 4GB modules) the system starts without any problems, but above I get kernelpanics.
The output then gives me several memoryaddresses bevore the panic appears. The board (a Tyan K8QW,model S4881) should support up to 64GB Ram. A Memorytest under Linux recognizes the 64GB and continues without an error.
I tried several BIOS-Settings.
Does the kernel support the new 4GB-Modules by 64GB Ram?

Thanks for every help, I have no more ideas in the moment

Björn Engelhardt

PS: Sorry for my bad english
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