[patch 0/5] RFC: fault-injection capabilities

From: Akinobu Mita
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 07:33:43 EST

This patch set provides some fault-injection capabilities.

- kmalloc failures

- alloc_pages() failures

- disk IO errors

We can see what really happens if those failures happen.

In order to enable these fault-injection capabilities:

1. Enable relevant config options (CONFIG_FAILSLAB, CONFIG_PAGE_ALLOC,
CONFIG_MAKE_REQUEST) and runtime configuration kernel module

2. build and boot with this kernel

3. modprobe should_fail_knob

4. configure fault-injection capabilities behavior by debugfs

For example about kmalloc failures:


specifies how often it should fail in percent.


specifies the interval of failures.


specifies how many times failures may happen at most.


specifies the size of free space where memory can be allocated
safely in bytes.

5. see what really happens.

The idea is taken from failmalloc (http://www.nongnu.org/failmalloc/).
Andrew Morton gave me interesting suggestions.

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