Re: [take12 0/3] kevent: Generic event handling mechanism.

From: Albert Cahalan
Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 00:34:32 EST

Ulrich Drepper writes:

I so far also haven't taken the time to look exactly at the
interface. I plan to do it asap since this is IMO our big chance
to get it right. I want to have a unifying interface which can
handle all the different events we need and which come up today
and tomorrow. We have to be able to handle not only file
descriptors and AIO but also timers, signals, message queues
(OK, they are file descriptors but let's make it official),
futexes. I'm probably missing the one or the other thing now.

Yeah, you're missing one. I must warn you, it's tasteless.
You forgot ptrace events. (everybody now: EEEEEEEW!)

The wait-related functions in general are interesting.
People like to use a general event mechanism to deal with
threads exiting. Seriously, it would really help with
porting code from that other OS.

How about SysV semaphores?
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