Re: [PATCH] IP1000A: IC Plus update 2006-08-22

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 19:29:36 EST

Jesse Huang <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> :
> Dear All:
> I had regenerate this patch from:
> git://
> And, submit those modifications as one patch.

The suggestion was probably to submit the whole driver as one patch
to akpm for wider testing when it is ready (it still is a bit rough
imho). Unrelated changes make more sense in incremental, isolated
patches as you used to submit before.

I have made some surgery to apply your previous patchset with
former descriptive commit messages, plus your recent codingstyle
changes and a few more.

You'll find it either in branch 'netdev-ipg' at:
or as a serie of patches at:

The serie of patches comes straight from the (now old) git tree.
It applies correctly against 2.6.18-git-of-the-day.

The result should not be too far from penberg git + your all-in-one
patch but I have not checked it yet. I'd appreciate if you could
review it.

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