Generic booleans in -mm (was: Re: [PATCH] Sgpio support in sata_nv)

From: Richard Knutsson
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 18:45:28 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:17:06 -0700
Prajakta Gudadhe <pgudadhe@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



+static bool nv_sgpio_update_led(struct nv_sgpio_led *led, bool *on_off)

Please remove the new private implementation of `bool' and just use `int'. There's ongoing discussion about how to do a kernel-wide implementation of
bool, and adding new driver-private ones now just complicates that.

Well, the discussion seem to have quiet down (so time to start it up again ;) ). But would you take a patch for a generic implementation of bool/false/true? I sent one 29th of July with no complaints or suggestions. I am happy to send it again.

About this patch, isn't better to leave the 'bool'-type if there is a will to make a common boolean? Easier to find and convert a local definition of bool then finding functions who are boolean, but decleard as some kind of integer.

Just a thought
/Richard Knutsson

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