Re: PCI MMCONFIG aperture size

From: Tim Hockin
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 10:55:50 EST

On Tue, Aug 22, 2006 at 09:55:31AM +0200, Andi Kleen wrote:
> > This says to me that (as long as the MCFG table has an End Bus Number of
> > 31) a 32 MB decode area (32 MB aligned, too) is valid.
> >
> > Would something like the below patch be accepted? It makes my system
> > work...
> I already got a patch to remove the complete e820 validation code because
> it broke far more than it fixed. That should fix your problem too.

Great! Coming in 2.6.18?

> > Also, why are we forcing 32 bit base addresses? ACPI defines it to be a
> > 64 bit base...
> Where do you think we do that?

Looking at 2.6.17, we always have u32 base_address and u32
base_reserved. base_address is the only one ever referenced, that I can
see. I guess I should grab 2.6.18 pre-releases and recheck.

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