Re: ipt_MARK/xt_MARK usage problem

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 05:16:58 EST

>>>>How do I get MARK back to work in -t filter -- possibly without hacking in
>>>You won't, its not supposed to work in the filter table.
>> This worked in 2.6.16, where the ipt_mark_reg_v1 strucutre in xt_MARK.c did
>> not have a .table limiter. (It also worked in practice, i.e. packets got
>> marked like they should.) I do not see why this was changed.
>That is not true, all versions of the mark target starting in 2.4 had
>the same check in the checkentry function.

Oh sorry I mixed something up. It is CONNMARK which did work (and continues
to do so) in -t filter... everything fine, sorry for the noise.

Jan Engelhardt
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