Re: [PATCH 0/6] Sizing zones and holes in an architecture independent manner V9

From: Keith Mannthey
Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 14:50:53 EST

On 8/21/06, Mel Gorman <mel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is V9 of the patchset to size zones and memory holes in an
architecture-independent manner. It booted successfully on 5 different
machines (arches were x86, x86_64, ppc64 and ia64) in a number of different
configurations and successfully built a kernel. If it fails on any machine,
booting with loglevel=8 and the console log should tell me what went wrong.

I am wondering why this new api didn't cleanup the pfn_to_nid code
path as well. Arches are left to still keep another set of
nid-start-end info around. We are sending info like

add_active_range(unsigned int nid, unsigned long start_pfn, unsigned
long end_pfn)

With this info making a common pnf_to_nid seems to be of intrest so we
don't have to keep redundant information in both generic and arch
specific data structures.

Are you intending the hot-add memory code path to call add_active_range or ???

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