Re: [PATCH] set*uid() must not fail-and-return on OOM/rlimits

From: Solar Designer
Date: Sun Aug 20 2006 - 18:13:54 EST


Let me argue with you a little bit. Please do not misinterpret this as
me pushing for this change (or any other change) to be included; I have
no problem maintaining them all in -ow patches.

On Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 07:14:00PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> Ar Sul, 2006-08-20 am 04:38 +0400, ysgrifennodd Solar Designer:
> > Attached is a trivial patch (extracted from 2.4.33-ow1) that makes
> > set*uid() kill the current process rather than proceed with -EAGAIN when
> > the kernel is running out of memory. Apparently, alloc_uid() can't fail
> > and return anyway due to properties of the allocator, in which case the
> > patch does not change a thing. But better safe than sorry.
> Major behaviour change,

Huh? The code path is hardly even triggerable on 2.4, while 2.2 and
earlier kernels did not even have this "functionality".

> non-standards compliant


Are you referring to killing of processes on OOM? That was in Linux
already, this patch does not introduce it.

As it relates to setuid() in particular, POSIX.1-2001 says:

The setuid() function shall fail, return -1, and set errno to the
corresponding value if one or more of the following are true:

The value of the uid argument is invalid and not supported by
the implementation.
[EPERM] The process does not have appropriate privileges and uid does
not match the real user ID or the saved set-user-ID.

No other error conditions are defined. No transient errors. No EAGAIN.
And the language used does not imply that implementation-specific errors
may be returned.

I'd say that the behavior of returning EAGAIN is non-compliant.

> and is just an attempt to wallpaper over problems.

There are two problems: one is the kernel implementing this unsafe
behavior in 2.4 and beyond and the other is userspace apps not
checking return value from set*[ug]id(). In my opinion, both need to
be fixed.

> Was rejected by previous maintainers already.

Oh, I was not aware of that. I certainly did not submit this before.

In fact, Linus appeared to agree that set*uid() failing on transient
errors is bad (specifically, when discussing RLIMIT_NPROC on 2.6) in the
discussion that occurred on vendor-sec and security at a
couple of months back. He did not mind the RLIMIT_NPROC check on
set*uid() dropped, while my suggestion was to move it to execve(2) (like
it is done in -ow patches under a configurable option).

> NAK (think /usr/games/banner "NAK")

OK, if you say so.

In another message, you wrote:

> ... redesigning expected behaviour

I'd say that set*uid() returning EAGAIN is unexpected behavior for most
userspace programmers. It is also non-standards compliant as I have
shown above.

> to cause obscure random kills that won't even be noticed/explained.

Now this makes sense - we should make those kills similar to regular OOM
kills, providing rate-limited messages.

But the kills are needed. They are more correct and safer than
returning EAGAIN. An alternative would be to not allocate memory on
set*uid() at all - like we did not in older kernels - but that would
be an inappropriate behavior change for 2.4.

Thanks for your time anyway,

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